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1. “So, did you creep on all my pics?”

I once received this message out of the blue on OKCupid. I had no idea who this person was and we had had no previous interactions. After a quick look at her profile picture, no, I did not creep on all her pics. I don’t like judging people based on how they look, but if that’s your opening line then I kind of have to.

2. “Are you not interested in me?”

(Five minutes later)

“Guess not :(“

The worst part about a message like this is that it puts the recipient in a tough spot. I got this message from someone that I just met and had barely talked to. I wasn’t super interested in them, and this just made me less so. That’s an awkward question to ask, and five minutes wasn’t enough time to consider the message ignored. Now I’m definitely not interested in you because you’re acting like a lonely coconut.

Here’s a general rule: don’t text somebody if they’re not sending responses. It means they’re not interested. If you send 10 texts in a row and don’t get one response, then you’ve gone too far. Keeping up with this behavior isn’t going to force the person into wanting to talk to you.

Guys Get Creepy Texts Too  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com

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