Hey Parents!!! Have your kids told you about this new “Benadryl Challenge” that they have been partaking in on Tik Tok? Of course, they haven’t! The FDA is warning everyone about the dangers of this challenge.   Check out the video below:   According to the FDA, there is yet another new teen craze on […]


There’s a new challenge out there trending right now! The #TigerKingchallenge, where people are dressing up and posting pics as Joe Exotic and it’s absolutely hilarious. Since we have been spending more times indoors, business for Netflix is booming and their top trending show is ‘The Tiger King’. The show is a docu-series of the […]


Actor/ comedian Deon Cole aka Charlie Telphy from Black-ish started another challenge that’s gone viral… the #tyresechallenge So what is the #tyresechallenge  Simply a video of imitating Tyrese Gibson’s deep voice and saying insightful and inspirational words that really don’t make much sense but sound good. Check out some of the best #TyreseChallenge videos!  


Dwyane Wade is the latest star to try his hand at the #SoGoneChallenge, but his bars may not be as great as his skill on the court.


After the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, a swarm of new internet challenges emerged such as the #EBTongueTwister (raising awareness for the Sohana Research…


NBC4 wants you to place your bets! It’s time to show the Ducks what being a Buckeye really means, and YOU get to be a part of the action! KOIN-TV in Portland, Oregon, has challenged the NBC4 Today team with a bet on the National Championship game! *WHEN* Ohio State wins, YOU get to decide what […]

Cbus, WTTE Exclusives

  BAY VILLAGE, Ohio — Three teenagers accused in the ice bucket challenge bullying attack admitted to assault and disorderly conduct in court this morning.…

Cbus, WTTE Exclusives

  19 Action News Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor discovered the shocking new developments in the Ice Bucket Challenge attack on a 15-year-old Bay Village, Ohio…

If your love life could use a jumpstart and you feel like you’ve tried it all, you’re wrong. This love diet could reshape your reality. Source Like Magic 106.3 on Facebook to stay updated with the latest entertainment news and original interviews!   RECENT UPDATES- Evelyn Lozada Takes Responsibility For Image Beytheists Vs. Bey-Hova’s Witnesses: Did […]

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Talk about a reversal…A white sorority from Arkansas recently won the Sprite Step-Off Challenge which was held in Atlanta Civic Center . The Zeta Tau Alpha ladies received a standing ovation after their performance.