This has not been the best year for single people to get a date.  Some people are willing to relocate to cities that show more promise when it comes to the dating scene.  A new study ranked the 182 biggest cities in the U.S. from the best place for single people to the worst. Check […]

The Memorial Day Weekend is upon us! That means lots of people will be hitting the airways and the roadways. So, the big question is, when are the worst times to travel over the holiday weekend? AAA predicts drivers will hit the most traffic tomorrow (May 23rd), and Friday (May 24th) in the later afternoon […]

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the late, great Prince‘s death. Fans are still mourning the singer’s untimely passing but his electric life is continuing to be celebrated. After his death, everyone and their Prince-loving mama paid tribute to the star in their own special way. Some honored his legacy in a way that reflected […]

Ohio is being ranked among the worst states for residents’ well-being. A Gallup study ranked Ohio as the sixth-worst on the worst states list. The reason, reporttedly…. we are lacking in financial, social and physical well-being. West Virginia topped the “worst” list, while Hawaii was ranked as having the best well-being. I don’t think Ohio […]

Everyone is talking about the Lottery and how much they can win.  Right now winning the lottery is worth $1.3 Billion dollars!  That is enough to get anyone excited.  But what’s even more interesting is what people say they will do with the money if they won.  This guy made national news when he was […]

When you’re on the hunt someone in a certain profession may sound fun, but Jasmine Sanders gives you a reality check with the 10 worst professions to…

I’m sure you are wondering if Ohio made the list. Well, you will just have to see for yourself. Blackdoctor.com has come up with some data to back the places they have picked and you just may be surprised which states made the cut. Click on the link below.   http://blackdoctor.org/playlist/worst-state-to-raise-black-children/item/445194/

  Maryland was ranked at number one, while Ohio came in at 30th.   Women in the United States earn an average of 77 cents…

1. The exclamation points are overkill. You’ve got a great line, no need to be insecure about it. Grade: B. 2. A local plastic surgeon. A tad long, but very memorable. Grade: A-. 3. I’ve seen many “drop your pants” dry cleaner slogans, but this one wins because of the “prompt attention” ending. EDIT: “Drop […]